Integrate Facebook Gadgets To Gmail

You want to follow the news your friends directly in Gmail? Using a simple plugin you can integrate Facebook to Gmail and gain access quickly to all the information from Facebook. 1. Log into your Gmail account and click on the link Settings at the top of the window.   2. Click on thumbnail Labs.  

Run a program as administrator – Windows 7

To function Properly, Some programs require you to have rights on your administrative computer. Here’s how to give rights to a Particular thesis program.   1. Press the Shift Key. 2. While holding down, click the right mouse button on the shortcut or executable program to run as administrator. 3. Click the command Run as

Disable the Automatic Display of Images – Gmail

Recently, Gmail will automatically display the images in the messages you receive. While this may seem convenient at first, it can also be a gap in the protection of your privacy. Indeed, in this way, the people who send you a message (solicited or not) know immediately if you’ve read their message and ask you

How to Block unknown messages – Gmail

Recently, Google+ allows users to Gmail and Google+ social network to send messages to other users, even if they do not know the email addresses of recipients. Unknown therefore able to send you messages. 1. Go to Gmail and click Settings.   2. In the menu that appears, click Settings.   3. Scroll down Who can send you

Best Web Browser

Today I share with you a huge list of Internet Web Browser. Here you can find most of the popular and non-popular web browser software name.Like- Firexfox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Maxthon, Safari, Avant, TheWorldBrowser etc. I hope you like this list.   Firefox Description Mozilla Firefox has become a browser benchmark, a direct

Facebook Tips

* Do I have to search for contacts on Facebook? No. You can skip this step by click the Skip link or Skip buttons to move to the next step in your account setup. You can then choose to search for friends after your account has been set up. Friends can also find you when

WordPress Dashboard

Normally, after logging into your WordPress site, you will be taken to your Dashboard -  this is your WordPress site administration area. The first time you log in, you may see a “Welcome” message on your Dashboard. If you want to spend a few minutes learning more about WordPress, you can click on the WordPress

WordPress Login

In the previous tutorials, we learn two methods of WordPress Installation process. After complete the WordPress installation to using one of method. Now we are ready to login our WordPress site to access our Dashboard. Where we can maintain our WordPress Website or Blog. There are a few ways to log into your WordPress site:

Tag Photos and Videos on Facebook

You can tag photos on Facebook with the names of friends and family. After upload your photo or video in Facebook timeline you can see. In the photo viewer, the Tag Photo button changes the interface to allow you to click on people in a photo and add their name. Facebook notifies people you tag

Facebook Mobile on an iPad

The Facebook app for iPad is different from the iPhone version in a number of ways, including a different and larger layout. The web version differs slightly in terms of size but is similar to the iPhone version. The iPad version can also access the regular Facebook site, but some features that require Adobe Flash