10 Essential Programs for Windows 10

We recommend 10 essential programs for Windows 10 that will let you do almost anything on your PC, and that they are completely free. Windows 10 already has a couple of months between us, and it is the best that Microsoft has offered us. It has been very well received by users,  and every day more people

5 commands for Linux network

The terminal is very simple yet extremely powerful, allowing you to interact with the operating system without a GUI Is it not wonderful? Today I described 5 commands for Linux network – In the operating systems based on Unix the terminal is an indispensable tool. With it you can not only perform basic tasks, you

Best Feature of Chrome

Almost all know the best feature of chrome applications, but the huge majority do not use them as efficiently and productively. Not their fault, the best way to use them is not obvious and some may seem completely unnecessary if you do not mind having countless open tabs by navigating instead of putting things in

Power PDF Converter

Until recently, we only had two choices for PDF editing software. They were free options or low cost, that either had very limited functionality, or had a really bad performance; and then there were the high-level options, the price could be invaluable for which he had to work managing such documents. Power PDF Converter is


This tutorial will discuss how to Install Plugin and Widget set in wordpress a, for example, which I will install in this tutorial is a plugin Recent Posts Widget Extended, this plugin is used to display the Post last in the sidebar along with a thumbnail . First click the menu Plugins -> Add New ,

What are wordpress plugins?

Plugin is a piece of software that contain functional groups that can be added to the WordPress website. They can extend the functionality or add new features to your WordPress site. WordPress plugin is written in the PHP programming language and integrated so seamlessly with WordPress. In the WordPress community, there is a proverb that

How to create contact page in Blogger

Today, I share with you “how to create contact page in Blogger site”. Its helps you to create contact page in your blog website. Blogger has expanded its list of gadgets, adding a new “Contact Form”, which as its name suggests, allow your visitors to send you a message via this form. In this article

How to Install Google Analytics on Your Blog

Google Analytics is a free analytics service website offered by Google after its acquisition in March 2005 of the company, Urchin Software Corporation and its pack of study software attendance website. Its very helpful for you website that’s why today I share with you “How to Install Google Analytics on Your Blog“. With approximately 85%

How to Add Meta Tags in Blogger

The numbers of visitors to your blog is very much related to its positioning in the search results on Google and other search engines, hence the need to add ” meta tags “which is simply a description of a centralized web page. It is easy to integrate with Blogger, and its effect is probably positive

How To Build a Website

There are many resources and articles on the internet describing how to make money online with a website.If you want to earn money, you must know “how to build a website? Many will tell you about passive income of making money with its “no work”. In fact, it’s more or less true, as we hear,