Computer Motherboard

motherboard details

A. CPU: The central processing unit is the chip that carries out the instructions it receives from the software.
B. RAM Slots: This is where the RAM modules go.
C. SATA Port: Here you’d plug in internal storage device like a hard disk drive or a CD-RW drive.
D. PCI Slots: These slots are for expansion cards, sound cards, video cards, and modem cards.
E. AGP Slot: This is a specialized slot for and AGP or Graphic video card.
F. Audio Ports: Here you’d plug in speakers and a microphone.
G. Network Port: This is where a network connector, which looks like the connector on the end of a phone wire expert that it’s a little bigger, would go.
H. USB 2.0 Ports: Here you’d plug in a scanner, digital camera, perhaps a printer, and an external hard drive.
I. Serial Ports: Here you could plug in a mouse or a trackball.
J. PS/2 Ports: These ports are almost exclusively for keyboard and mouse connectors, although these devices are often USB 2.0 nowadays.


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