Facebook Tips

* Do I have to search for contacts on Facebook?

No. You can skip this step by click the Skip link or Skip buttons to move to the next step in your account setup. You can then choose to search for friends after your account has been set up. Friends can also find you when your account is live and invite you to become friends.

* Why do I not see any available contacts when searching my e-mail account?

Facebook looks for e-mail address linked to Facebook accounts. If none of your contacts is using Facebook, none of them appears in this search. You can, however, invite the contacts found in this search to join Facebook by sending them an e-mail. If you rather avoid sending mail from facebook, you can use your existing email account.

* How do I remove incorrect information?

If you want to remove information entered for your high school, college, university, or employer you can click the X next to its name to remove it. You can then retype the information into the required field to correct your mistake or leave it blank.

* How can I skip the profile information step?

You can click the Skip link next to the Save & Continue button to move to the next step. You can always edit your profile information after your account has been created by going to the Edit Profile screen. From here, you can add new details or remove information you added previously.

* How do I set who can view my basic profile information?

By default, your basic profile information appears to everyone with whom you are friends. The Audience Selector menu appears next to each section of information on the Basic Information page. You can set who can view your profile information by clicking the glob icon and then a different privacy setting from the menu that appears.

* Can I use the Chat and Messages features with mobile version of Facebook?

Yes. You can access the Facebook Chat and Messages interface from the left pane of the Facebook mobile site and app. You can contact friends who are available to chat from the Chat screen, which allows you to type and receive messages. Messages look similar to Messages on the desktop version of Facebook and list all messages you have received. On an iPhone, you can also call or send an SMS message to friends who have included their contact details profile. Those who have included contact details have a small telephone symbol next to their name on the friends list.

* Can I use Facebook on my iPad without an Internet connection?

No, you cannot use the Facebook app for iPad or the mobile browser version of Facebook without an Internet connection. You may be able to access basic information from the iPad Facebook app when a connection is not present, but you cannot update your status or view new content. Both the app and browser-based version of Facebook update when a connection to the Internet becomes available.

* Can I upload photos using Facebook on my iPad?

You can upload photos from the Facebook app on an iPad but not from the browser-based version, as it requires Adobe Flash to work. The same applies for videos.

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