How to Create a Video Resume

create video resume

Resumes are used to inform potential employers about your experience, education, qualifications, and other important information. When using job search services on the Web such as Monster, you often will submit your resume electronically.

A video resume contains a video of you speaking to your potential employer, explaining your interest in the job and why you think you are the best qualified candidate.

To create a video resume complete the following free tutorial steps:

Obtain a Video Camera

The first step is to obtain a video camera with which you can record your presentation. You can purchase a Web cam or a more sophisticated camera.


Record the Video:

When you record the video resume, you must be aware of several important elements:

  1. Prepare your script: Before you start recording, write and memorize the words you will say in the video. The video should be no longer than one minute, so write your scripts accordingly. Remember-you are trying to impress your potential employer.
  2. Set the stage: The lighting and picture in the video are critical to making a professional-appearing video.
  3. Practice: You must practice your presentation in front of the camera. You can record and play back your practice recording until you feel confident about your presentation.
  4. Dress for the part: When on camera, the impression you make will be influenced by your attract and your personal grooming. You should dress as if you were doing a live interview.
  5. Record the video: Your video should be no longer than one minute, but you might want to divide it into segments. For example, you could separate your statement about why you want to work for a company from your statement about your educational background. So, when you create the actual video, you may record several clips of shorter duration, and then join them together when you edit the video. To capture the video, you can  use the software provided with your camera, or you can use Windows Live Movie Maker.

To use Windows Live Movie Maker, record the video on a video camera, attach the video camera to the computer, and then complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar, click All Programs on the Start menu, click Windows Live in the All Programs list, and then click Windows Live Movie Maker.
  2. Click the Movie Maker button and then click ‘Import from device’ on the Movie Maker menu to begin the import process. If the Windows Live Movie Maker dialog box appears, click the OK button.
  3. When the Import Photos and Videos window opens, select your video camera and then click the Import button.
  4. Windows Live Movie Maker will determine how many photos and videos are on your video camera. Click the ‘Import all new items now’ option button.
  5. Enter the name you wish to assign your video and then click the Next button.
  6. Windows Live Movie Maker will import the video from you video camera. Depending on the length of you video, this process can take several minutes to complete.
  7. When the import process is complete, Windows Live Photo Gallery will open and display the contents from the video camera. Verify the video has imported successfully and then close Windows Live Photo Gallery.


Edit the Video:

After recording the video, you normally should edit it and save it in a format than can be placed in your resume. To use Windows Live Movie Maker for this process, complete the following steps:

  1. To create your movie, you first must import the video clips that will comprise the movie. Click the ‘Add videos and photos’ button on the Home tab in Windows Live Movie Maker to display the Add Videos and Photos dialog box.
  2. Navigate to the location containing your imported video, select the video clip you wish to import, and then click the Open button.
  3. If you have additional video clips to import, repeat the previous two steps until you have imported all video clips.
  4. To learn how to edit the video resume further, click the Online help button to start Internet Explorer and display additional information about using Windows Live Movie Maker.
  5. After you have completed the video, save the project by clicking the Save project command on the Movie Maker menu.
  6. To save the video for inclusion in your resume, click the More button in the Sharing group on the Home tab to display a list of formats. Click the Standard-definition icon to select it and display the Save Movie dialog box. Save the movie with name and to a location of your choice, and then click the Save button.


Import the Video in Your Resume:

Import the video into your resume by completing the following steps:

  1. Start Microsoft Word, open the resume document, and then place the insertion point at the location where you want your video to appear.
  2. Click Insert on the Ribbon and then click the Object button on the Insert tab.
    video resume process
  3. When the Object dialog box is displayed, click the Create form File tab and then click the Browse button. Click the OK button in the Object dialog box to close the dialog box and insert an icon for the video in the Word document.
    video import
  4. To play the video, double-click the video icon.


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