How to Publish Your Resume on the Web

publish resume

Publishing your resume on the Web is a great way to distribute your resume to multiple people. To publish your resume on the Web, complete the following steps:

  1. Using Microsoft Word, create a new resume or open an existing resume that you wish to publish on the Web. When you have finished creating the resume, click the File Menu and then click Save As on the menu.
  2. Click the Desktop button in the Save As dialog box, type resume in the File name text box, click Webpage in the “Save as type” list, and then click the save button.
    save as webpageweb page
  3. Quit Microsoft Word.
  4. Start your Web browser and then type in the Address bar. When the Webpage is displayed, click one of the “SIGN UP NOW” buttons.
  5. Select the free “Free Sub-Domain” and type your subdomain name, and click the NEXT button. Make note of the subdomain you choose for you Website.
    For example, if you type ‘resume’ as your subdomain, your Website address will be
    sub domain
  6. Now Select “Free” Web Hosting Packages plan and click NEXT button.
    free hosting
  7. Click the “No Thanks” button which is given below.
  8. Now, type the required information to sign up for the free plan. Click the check box to agree to the Terms and Conditions, and then click the “Submit” button. And you see your user name and password and website name. Save this information on your hard drive for further use and click NEXT button.
  9. will send a confirmation link to the email address you specified while signing up. You Need to check your email and click the confirmation link for valid your email addresses.
  10. In the Web browser address bar, type and click the “MEMBERS LOGIN” button. Type your user name and password in the Member Login box, and then click the Login button.
  11. On the Main Menu Dashboard click “File Manager” folder.
    file manager
  12. Now click the “Upload” button and click ok and then click browse option to upload your resume.htm file from the desktop to the window containing your website files. After upload rename your ‘resume.htm’ file to ‘index.htm’ file to click the “Rename” button.
    webpage upload
  13. Then click on the “New Folder” and give the folder name is “resume_files”, this name is same as you’re save files folder name on your computer. Now click on “resume_files” folder and you also should upload those files from resume_files folder exists on your desktop.
    webpage upload
  14. Now you are almost done your jobs. Go to the web browser and type your website URL like .


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