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Search Engine: Finding Information on the Web is easy, finding the right information isn’t always. What if you need information, but don’t know exactly where to find it? Fortunately, you can find your information by using a search engine. A search engine is a facility on the Web that allows you to find Web sites by providing keywords or questions.

There are many types of search engines; with the two most popular being directory and true search engines.

A directory search engine organizes listings of websites into hierarchical lists. Yahoo!, is the most popular directory search engine.

A true search engine, on the other hand, organizes websites in such a way that it can provide you with a list of websites based on a question you ask. Google is the most popular true search engine.

So, here is the free tutorial on how you can use both types of search engines.

Google Search Engine: You wanted to find out about windows 7. Using Google , you would simply enter the question, “windows 7” And click on the search button. As you can see in the second image on the right side. The Google search engine would then provide a list of Web sites with the information you wanted.

google search result

True search engines such as Google allow you to enter a question related to the information you want to find.

Yahoo Search Engine: Using a directory search engine is a bit different. That you wanted to find out about Windows 7 using Yahoo! , you would click on Computers and Internet > Operating Systems > Microsoft Windows > Windows 7 . You could then select whichever website seemed to offer the information you wanted.
You can also use directory search engines in a different fashion. You can also use it like Google search engine.

yahoo searchyahoo search process

Directory search engines such as Yahoo! Allow you to find information by clicking through a hierarchical list of related information.

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