Computer Operating System

Operating system

Operating system (OS)  software is system software that controls your application, software and manages how your hardware devices work together. The operating system is a vital component of system software in a computer system. Without an operating system, a computer would be useless.  You’ve probably heard of several different types of operating system software including Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX, or Mac OS.

A description of that operating system given below –


Microsoft Windows:

Microsoft is the leading provider of operating systems for notebook and desktop computers. Microsoft has been making operating system software for personal computers since the early 1980’s. Today you’ll mostly find some Microsoft personal operating systems in use.

Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8 are both personal operating systems designed for a home computer user with utilities for setting up a small home network.


Mac OS:

Mac OS is the operating system for today’s Apple computers. It supports a graphical user interface similar to Windows operating systems, although the look and feel is a little different. With the newest release of Mac OS, you can enter your password by speaking it. So, you must not only remember your password, but also be able to speak it. So, you must not only remember your password, but also be able to speak it in a way that matches how you originally recorded it. If you buy an Apple computer, Mac OS is your choice of operating system software.



Linux is open-source operating system that provides a rich operating environment for mostly high-end workstations and network servers. That’s why won’t find it on very many personal computers in a home or workplace environment. If your computer is for personal use such as surfing the Web, typing documents, sending e-mail, and the like, Linux is probably not the operating system for you. Linux can be either a personal operating system or a network operating system.


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