Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Install

We know all about that, What is Linux and Why we use it. Basically Linux is an open source operating system and its use of Server system. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or RHEL5 is an update version of Linux.

Today, I am sharing  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Installation process step by step tutorial.




2. Free Space 13 GB

3. RAM 512 MB


Installation Process:

1. Input your Linux DVD in the DVD Rom and select boot from CD Drive.

2. Now, you see a menu, then press ENTER key to start the RHEL 5 Installation Process.

RHEL5 Install process start

Press ‘Enter’ Key for Graphical mode installation start

3. Then, click Skip > Next > Next > Next (select U.S. International)

install process

CD check Skip

4. And choose ‘Skip entering Installation Number’ and click OK > Skip > Yes button.

installation number

Skip entering Installation Number

5. Then, Choose ‘Create custom layout’ (Arrow key) and click Next button.

custom layout

Create custom layout

6. Then, click New button and create a new hard disk partition, follow this steps below –

linux new partition

create a new Linux HDD partition

–          / (Mount Point) – ext3  (Arrow) – 512 (size) – ok

–          /home(Mount Point) – ext3 – 1000 (size) – ok

–          /usr (Mount Point) – ext3 – 4000 (size) – ok

–          /var (Mount Point) – ext3 – 4000 (size) – ok

–          Swap (File system type) – 1700 (2 or 1 ½ of ram memory)

6. After complete the partitions create click Next button.

linux hard disk partition

complete HDD partition

7. Select ‘No boot loader will be installed’ and click Next > Next > Next (select Region) button.

boot loader

Select ‘No boot loader will be installed’

8. Now type your Root password, minimum 6 characters and click Next button.

root password

input your linux ‘root; login password

9. Select ‘Custom Now’ and click Next.

software selection

select ‘Custom Now’ and click Next button.

10. Highlight the ‘Base System’ and check mark the ‘System Tools’, then click Next button.

system tools

highlight ‘Base System’ and check mark ‘System Tols’ then click Next.

11. Click Next > Reboot button

12. After reboot your Computer, click Forward > Forward (Yes, I agree to the License Agreement) > Forward > Forward > Forward > Forward > Forward (No, I prefer to register at a later time)> Forward (No thanks, I’ll connect later) > Forward > Forward > Continue > Forward > Finish.



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