Five Main Steps Web Publishing

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Web publishing is the method of publishing content live on the Internet. It includes the creation and uploading of Web sites, web pages and update posting Blogs. Published content may include text, images, video and other types of media.

The five main steps Web publishing are as follows:

Plan a Website: Think about issues that could affect the design of the website. Identify the purpose of the website and the characteristics of the people whom you want to visit the website. Determine ways to differentiate your website from other similar ones.

Analyze and Design a Website: Design the layout of elements of the website such as link, text, graphics, and animation, audio, video, and virtual reality. Required Hardware may include a digital camera, Web cam, scanner; sound card and microphone.

Create a Website: Use a word processing program to create basic webpages that contain text and graphics. Use webpage authoring software to create more sophisticated websites that include text, graphics, animation, audio, video, and special effects. For advanced features such as managing users, passwords, chat rooms, and email, you may need to buy the software for website management.

Deploy a Website: Transfer the webpages from your computer to Web Server. Many Internet access providers offer their customers storage space on a Web Server. Another option is a Web Hosting service, which provides storage space on a Web Server for a reasonable monthly fee. To help others find your Web page, register your Web address with various search engines to ensure your site will appear in the hit lists for searches for certain keywords.

Maintain a Website: Visit the Website regularly to ensure the website contents are current and all links work properly.


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