How to Create a Blog on WordPress

In previous tutorial, I write details about WordPress and its working method and why wordpress we use for create website or blog.

Today, I show you how you can make blog on site. Once you’ve got a basic idea about the identity of your blog and some potential names you can use for the website address, you’re ready to create your site. Here’s how:

  1. In your browser, travel to, and click the “Sign up now” link. (Or, for a shortcut, head straight to the sign-up page at
    wordpress start
  2. Fill in your email address.
    You need a valid email address to active your account.
  3. Type your ‘Username’ and ‘password’ in this field. Which is needed to login in your WordPress blog.
  4. Type the website address you want into the Blog Address box.
    If you want to use a free domain, type in the first part of the name (for example, “onlinewordpress24” if you want the domain
    If you want to by a custom domain, which give you the flexibility to move to a self-hosted site later, click the drop-down arrow at the right of the Blog Address box. Then pick the top-level domain- that’s the final part of your domain name after the period, such as .me, .com, .net, or .org. Once you pick the top-level domain, type in the first part of the domain name, like “onlinewordpress24” to get the domain you probably already know, capitalization is unimportant in a domain name, so there’s no difference between and ONLINEwordpress24.ME, for instance.)
  5. Then, click the “Signup” button.

    create wordpress account

    Fill up this Form

  6. After clicking the signup button, you get a confirmation mail in your email address. After verify your email address, you see a image like below. In this field give your ‘Blog Title’, Tagline (optional) and choose blog ‘Language’. Then click “Next Step” button.
    set up wordpress blog
  7. Now choose your theme for your WordPress blog. You can customize your theme also to click “Customize It” button. Otherwise click “Next Step” button.

    wordpress theme

    Choose WordPress Theme

  8. In this step you can create your first post on your WordPress blog site, if you interested to post later, you can click “Finish” button.
    publish wordpress post
    To create your first post on this step, click the ‘Text’ button and you will see a field where you can write your post easily. After completing your post writing click the “Publish”. And you will redirect to the WordPress Dashboard, the click “Done” button.

    create post

    Write Your Post

After you create a WordPress site, you can visit it any time by typing the address you picked in step2 into your web browser. In this example, if you type into your browser’s address bar, you go to a site like the one pictured in like below.

wordpress blog

You can type /wp-admin at the end of the address to go right to the dashboard to manage your site. WordPress will ask you to sign in with your user name and password if you aren’t already logged in. For example, you manage at WordPress will have sent you an email with these details.


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